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The Washington Law Firm is dedicated to assisting the community of Central Florida. We meet the needs of individuals and businesses by counseling them on the complexities of bankruptcy laws, advising on reducing debt load, and focusing on the relief of financial debt matters. Our experience allows us to provide a phenomenal financial debt-reorganization plan to individuals and businesses.

Our litigation and transaction skills are necessary to break the chains of debt for all of our clients. This aids those burdened with the struggles of debt leading them into financial freedom and success. We can assist in the analysis and negotiation under Chapter 11, Chapter 13 as well as liquidation under Chapter 7. We encourage you to call The Washington Law Firm today to take back your rightful position as a consumer and break free from the chains of debt!

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The Washington Law Firm is committed to helping our clients reach their goals.

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This is a great law firm. They know their bankruptcy and really help work out their clients’ issues. Great communication from start to finish. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone in need of bankruptcy or financial guidance and assistance.

Brandy Durham

Let us say this again, Mr. and Mrs. Washington, you saved us!!!! It was hard to make up our minds to do it, but I really believe God led us to you all. We tell people about the Washington Law Firm all the time and we never know if someone is going to follow through and call but we speak highly of you guys. Not just the process, but the conversation and honesty from the beginning till the end. You never made promises that you could not guarantee and you told us that. You all said we will do our best to get you the best outcome and the firm did just that. Your integrity as a company and personally is wonderful and the concern you have for people in general is Christ like which makes you all WINNERS!! God bless with more than enough because you guys are a blessing to the kingdom. We love you guys more than you know and we will keep lifting the company, and you the owners up. Again, thanks

Charles Curry

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